Matisa wants our customers to “sleep well” even after having made the purchase. Thus, we have organized top-quality servicing support – one of the best in Central and Southern Europe.

Maintenance to prolong generator service life

We offer a whole range of generator maintenance services to ensure quality operation and a long service life of your generator. In addition, we provide troubleshooting services and offer full support from our expert team as well as a large stock of spare parts.

Solving difficult problems

Thanks to our long-term experience and a high level of knowledge, the Matisa personnel have been solving our domestic and foreign customers’ most challenging problems for years. The knowledge of over 5 world languages allows us to provide first-rate support to our customers in the whole European area.

Responsiveness and competitiveness

Extremely short response times and competitive prices; these qualities place us among the leading providers of servicing in Central and Southern Europe. We are able to solve the problems remarkably fast, thus reducing our customers’ costs.


Our products or improvements in Matisa are made by the highest European standards and they are tested several times before they are used.

Our own production and development in Matisa allow us to offer our products at competitive price with guarantee for quality.


Our company has the technological line for powder coating of metal products and constructions, with proper selection of the composition of colors, a wide range offers of different shades, structures and gloss to achieve the decorative effect of the product. Benefits of powder coating are mainly in the extended product lifetime, greater resistance of the workpieces to heat, corrosion and chemicals, greater resistance to scratches and bumps.


Our years of experiences and expertise enable that your goods are delivered safely and on time

Since 1991 Matisa company provides land-based international freight transport services throughout the European Union: France, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, Austria, Benelux, Denmark, Scandinavian countries, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia…

Our fleet includes 10 cargo vehicles of which 5 are jumbo trailers (120m3) and 5 towing vehicles (105m3). Our services are carried out with due care. We strive that deliveries are transported in the shortest possible time and the greatest responsibility in relation to the goods. This way we ensure our clients fast transport with maximal responsibility.