Join the successful, constantly growing and developing team – Matisa.

The Matisa MM company boasts a very successful tradition started in 1990. Our constant growth necessitated our move to new production premises in Šentjernej, which has greatly facilitated our work and further development.

At the moment, the company employs 22 people; due to our constant growth and development, however, we are in need of new staff, especially experts in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering.


Our expectations:

  • To facilitate business, the company personnel nowadays have to adapt to the ISO standards increasing speed and efficiency and reducing the possibility of faults.
  • Acquire counselling knowledge in the event of information system upgrades.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills as required by the modern technology.
  • Maintain good business relations with business partners and suppliers.
  • Control the supply costs by means of careful planning.
  • Regularly follow the market changes and adapt to noveltie

All our employees work in compliance with the ISO 9001 system ensuring a greater quality of work in the administrative as well as physical sense.